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Common Objections to Content Marketing; we don't have anything to say

Common Objections to Content Marketing; we don’t have anything to say

Content Marketing objections are pretty common. One of the most common ones I here is that the client has nothing to say. Rubbish I always say, how can a business have nothing to say!

When you have clients like this throwing content marketing campaign ideas at them may convince them that they are wrong, but it won’t convince them that they need content marketing.

What you need to do is demonstrate the value that they or their business has that can provide meaningful content for their consumers.

Put yourself in the mind of a client. They sell security systems for houses. They’ve told you they have nothing to say, that their business is boring. Which of the responses below do you think would convince them that content marketing would work for them:

Response 1: “there’s so much you can talk about, you can talk about how your security systems work, why people need security in their houses, there’s plenty you can say!”

Response 2: “one of the great selling points you have for your security systems is that it greatly reduces the cost of household insurance, do your potential customers know this or how they can have their insurance costs reassessed once they install your system?”

The second response demonstrates to your client the key point of content marketing; delivering value. Content marketing isn’t simply saying something. The first response suggests it is, the second response emphasizes delivering value as a means to generate and maintain sales.

If you’re a business do not ask yourself what do I have to say. Instead ask yourself what value can I demonstrate and deliver in my content marketing strategy.

Having something to say and delivering value are two completely different things. Remind yourself of this at all times and the results will speak for themselves.

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Yasin Aydin

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