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Stop Writing Content, Start Writing Value - Total Insights, the Content Marketing Experts

Stop Writing Content, Start Writing Value

Within the Content Marketing world the general consensus is content, content and then some more content.  So many people talk about the importance of writing content, whilst very few mention that there is a huge difference between content and value.  It’s creates a difference in quality and a difference in results.

Content marketing articles urge you to write every day, and the more you write the more you get.  The more you get, the more you write.  Who do I blame for this?  The SEO industry.

It appears that the SEO industry’s way of approaching this is very simplistic – numbers.  This has crept into the the vernacular and spirit of some content marketers.  Fresh content does indeed help search engine rankings, but fresh content does not necessarily fulfill the objective of content marketing, delivering results by providing value.

The problem with this numbers game approach is that it approaches from the perspective that the content marketer’s job is to make content.  If you want to be an effective content marketer you should be mindful that your job is to create value through content.

Think about how different the result will be if you sat down to:

- Create a piece of content


- Create value for an identified stakeholder group or segment

The latter focuses your reasoning and approach to your content, getting you to write with a clear understanding of your audience and the potential value you can offer them.

So the next time you find yourself sitting down in front of your computer to write content out of time-induced-guilt, calmly step away.  Unless you’re content with simply creating content.


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Yasin Aydin

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